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What does each new day offer to you?

I like the beginning of each new day. It's like the blank page of a journal: open and spacious, waiting to be written with each thought, feeling, and step I take. There is no wrong or right step. It's about choosing the step that makes sense to my being.

How do I know what makes sense to me?

It's a combination of having a morning ritual and feeling the newness of each day.

Part of my ritual is brewing a fresh pot of coffee and stepping into nature. Alongside my cup of coffee, I also bring my companion: my precious journal where I make note of my experiences.

I pause and attune to the sounds, smells and sights of nature: the birds orchestrating their own symphony, the smell of fresh grass, and the bold and almighty green trees. I let the weight of my body sink into the chair. I feel the support of the ground receiving me as I am today. Gravity pulls me deeper and I feel the ground beneath my feet. I touch the grass with my bare feet and I am in awe of the contact between my body and earth. I am in connection with Earth. I immerse myself in this intimate moment where I am both separate and connected with Earth. Do you feel connected to nature? Do you notice the impact nature has on your being?

I pause and now attune to my internal experience: my heart beating, my breath slow and steady, my muscles relaxed and at ease. I am here. I now find myself in relationship with all parts: my bodily experience, my thoughts, and my feelings. This is my experience right now: I am thinking how grateful I am to be alive today. I feel at ease in my body. This day offers me the space where I am showing up and experiencing myself fully. We are in relationship with self and we are in relationship with nature. Does that resonate with you? How are you showing up today? What are you grateful for today?

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